Scale Result

Description: User Story

As a user, I should be able to see a Scale Result module (Element) in a program.

_This story is to build out the module skeleton and should only include the defaults that ALL scale results include. Additional stories are linked below to cover the graphing functionality. _

**[Zeplin Link](**

**All Scale Results include the following:**
– Scale Title _(EX: Happiness)_
– Future Share Button (
– Optional scale result image
– Result Title _(EX: Very Happy)_
– Result Score _(EX: 9)_
– Result Description _(EX: You are pretty happy. Try and find little things you enjoy and do them more often. Another way to boost happiness is to do something nice for someone you love.)_

Sample JSON Response for Element

“title”:”Sample Assessment 1 – Scales”,
“description”:”This assessment is built to test the results for an assessment with longitudinal scales.”,
“description”:”A measure of how happy you are”,


Other parts of this module for context

– Optional Gauge Graph: –
– Optional line graph with longitudinal data: –


Web Code – For reference

Complex charting in here and also some additional data fetching for historical scores