iOS: Program: Report Program: User is unable to report programs

Description: Champion: FamilyLife
Program: Growing Together

1. Start the above mentioned Program
2. Select the overflow menu from the top right hand corner of the app
3. Observe the action menu that appears from the bottom of the screen
4. Select “Report Program” fro the menu and land on a Report page
5. Select the radio button that you feels best expresses the reason of your report
6. Add a description (optional)
7. Select the “Submit Report” button at bottom of screen
8. Observe that nothing happens

Expected Behavior
After selecting the “Submit Report” button the user should land back in the program and a green bar should appear across the bottom of the screen saying that you have submitted a report

Actual Behavior
Nothing happens when selecting the “Report Program” button so the user is unable to report a program for any reason