Hook up V2 bootstrap call

Description: Currently Android calls into an api call called bootstrap that allows the backend to return some data for the app. ( it is broken )

We need it in Android for one reason

It returns the soundcloud api key

Re-implement this call to capture this data:

GET /api/clients/bootstrap # V2 api call

“app_name”: “Epoxy”,
“app_token”: “60e5814d-9271-43b4-8540-157d1c743651”,
“app_version”: “ac475e8ed3fdfe655642b6c1bb5c40679f5adc21”,
“default_landing_page”: null,
“document_title”: “Gloo”,
“download_link”: null,
“env”: “production”,
“facebook_app_id”: “162439357509145”,
“favicon_path”: “polymer”,
“pusher_key”: “9deb7d0b83710c7f966e”,
“pusher_prefix”: “prod”,
“render_chromeless”: false,
“render_web_chromeless”: false,
“render_print”: false,
“soundcloud_client_id”: “1b8732f9e3ac484156e6e85cec4476e3”