Bar Graph

Description: User Story

As a user, I should be able to see a bar graph as part of a Result.


**[Zeplin Link](**

– X-axis shows series labels
– Y-axis shows series scores
– min label = 0
– max label = max series score + 10%
– Show bars above each series label
– User can swipe left and right see the entire bar chart if there are too many bars to show in a single view.
– Tapping on a bar should enable the label for that bar
– Tapping off a bar should turn the label off
– Width of each bar should be:
– If there are more than 6 bars, divide screen 95% width by number of bars but never show more than 6 full bars and always show peaking of 7th bar.
– If there are less than 6 bars, divide graph width by number of bars to show equal width bars.


Web Code – for reference