Program ends unexpectedly

Description: Dave has seen “All the modules 2” close unexpectedly on the first page just as the user swipes down from the top of the page.

100% not a crash. The content activity is getting finished, through the Router class, which is starting a new main activity.

Bug happens on All the Modules pt 2 on first fling of ‘the first page’, it is likely a module loading in the middle of that program (invitation?) is causing the issue.

Kind of flaky or stateful, the app has to have the user be invited to content or open it in a certain way. Can’t be 100% repro’d from scratch, anyway

May have something to do with invitations, because I reproduced it on one device a few times exactly except got the toast “We were unable to process the onboarding”.

Seen on Nexus 5X, so far