iOS: Program: Quiz: Strange animation behavior when user submits answer on quiz

Description: Champion: FamilyLife
Program: Most Courageous Moment: Bonus Material
iPhone 7+


1. Start the above mentioned Program
2. Scroll down the first page of the program to the “Review” quiz (about midway down the page)
3. Make sure that the “Submit your answers” button is touching the bottom of you screen, select an answer and hit the “Submit your answers” button
4. Observe the green “Quiz Complete” card appear atop the quiz and select to Restart quiz
5. Observe the quiz answers become live again
6. Once again select the “Submit your answers” button
7. Observe the glitch-like behavior where the quiz question animates over everything up the screen
8. Repeat steps 4-7 to reproduce odd behavior each time answer is submitted

Expected Behavior
When answer is submitted, the quiz box should display the users selected answer and the correct answer (if different from users selected answer) with no glitchy behavior

Actual Behavior
Each time the answer is submitted, there is a glitch and the quiz question paragraph is animated up the screen