Hook up V2 bootstrap call

Description: Currently iOS calls into an api call called bootstrap that allows the backend to return some data for the app.

We need it in iOS for two reasons.

It returns the soundcloud api key

And it returns the download link for the app – UnModule.

Re-implement this call to capture this data:

GET /api/clients/bootstrap # V2 api call

“app_name”: “Epoxy”,
“app_token”: “60e5814d-9271-43b4-8540-157d1c743651”,
“app_version”: “ac475e8ed3fdfe655642b6c1bb5c40679f5adc21”,
“default_landing_page”: null,
“document_title”: “Gloo”,
“download_link”: null,
“env”: “production”,
“facebook_app_id”: “162439357509145”,
“favicon_path”: “polymer”,
“pusher_key”: “9deb7d0b83710c7f966e”,
“pusher_prefix”: “prod”,
“render_chromeless”: false,
“render_web_chromeless”: false,
“render_print”: false,
“soundcloud_client_id”: “1b8732f9e3ac484156e6e85cec4476e3”