Android – Spike – Research Charting Libraries

Description: As part of the effort to move content consumption over to be 100% native, we need to support assessments results in the form of a few different types of charts and graphs. In order to assess what is feasible in the timeline we have, do some research to figure out what third-party libraries are available to us that meet our charting needs. Also, since third-party solutions may come with limitations, may be discontinued, etc we need to figure out a rough estimate of the lift for building these charts on our own.

**Minimum Requirements**

Chart types:
– Gauge Graph
– Line Graph
– Bar Chart
– Spyder Graph (also called a Radar Chart)

Requirements for charts:
– Customizable title font and text
– Customizable axis label font and text
– Keys describing what each color/line means
– Up to 6 data points per line in line graphs
– Maximum of 10 lines / bars
– Minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 data points (spokes) for spider graphs

– Adaptive-scale pinch-to-zoom
– Horizontal scrolling
– Vertical scrolling
– Filtering (such as turning on/off lines in a line graph)
– Unlimited number of data points
– Unlimited number of lines/bars
– Customizable colors
– Rotation to landscape

**Acceptance Criteria**

Put a Google Doc together that outlines which libraries we have as options that meet at least the minimum requirements, a rough estimate of lift to integrate each, and a rough estimate of lift to build our own charting solution that meets the minimum requirements. Share that doc with the following stakeholders:
– Dave Clements
– Nico Valencia
– Stephen Feuerstein
– Lane Faison
– Prince Al-Baaj
– Jordan Fray
– Tim Wolters
– Roberto Ortiz
– Hunter Thompson

**Requirements Doc**